Monday, October 29, 2012

an awful future

As if preparing for a collective trip to the dentist, the East Coast of the United States has given itself over to a group-hug dither: A large hurricane called "Sandy" is moving north along the Atlantic seaboard and is expected-expected-expected to ... well, if you read or listen to the news, all sorts of awful stuff is looming, painful as a dentist.

Schools and transportation have been shut down. Even Wall Street, that bastion of mediocrity, has closed its doors for today and perhaps tomorrow. Governors have declared states of emergency before the first drop of rain fell. Presidential candidates have revised their schedules. Supermarket shelves are denuded as people react to the unrelenting 'coverage' by a press that must be delighted to have another important-sounding story that is long on speculation and short on the facts that it would cost money to gather.

Looking into the future. Delighting or despairing. I am all too capable of such projections and I dislike being upstaged by some group hug of delicious uncertainty.

Luckily, I have a dental appointment next week.

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