Saturday, October 20, 2012

Israel's assertions

As an ill-informed landlubber, "international waters" sounds to me like an arena in which all are free to sail without suffering the interference of countries that may suspect skulduggery of some sort. If this were not the case, then Russian or American submarines might find themselves at war with those who suspected their intentions and activities and chose to act on those suspicions.

Not for the first time, Israel has waylaid a ship in international waters. The ship advertised its intention
to land in Gaza, an area Israel accuses of harboring its enemies.

The ship carried cement, basketballs and musical instruments. It was emblazoned with "Ship to Gaza" on one side, and also flew the colorful red, green, black and white Palestinian flag.

That appeared to warrant Israel's action in international waters:

We have this blockade because there are constant smuggling attempts of weapons, munitions that eventually reach the hands of terror organizations inside Gaza. [Lt. Avital Leibovich] 
Israel's assertions sound strikingly like the use by America (and others) of the word "terrorism" as an excuse to take pre-emptive action against those who ... those who think or speak of actions that might turn into a catastrophe. It smacks of a might-makes-right axiom that may be surrounded with feathery-if-sincere reasoning, but is, at its base, arrogant and offensive.

Once upon a time, I built a slingshot for one of my sons. I suppose it's still kicking around the house somewhere and who knows, maybe someone will take it into their heads that since that slingshot might indeed do grievous harm, I should be punished... incarcerated, interned and shackled for what might occur under future circumstances.

If this is, in fact, someone's intent, all I can think is, "Good luck finding that slingshot in a house jammed  with the detritus that accompanies the raising of three children."

Who knows, maybe the Israelis can find it.

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