Wednesday, October 31, 2012

new and improved Buddhism

In my neck of the woods, a Korean Zen teacher, Subul Sunim, will be giving a talk on Monday at nearby Smith College. I know this because I got an email informing me of the event. The email tried to wrap up the topic to be discussed in this way:

He will be talking about his new technique for catalyzing enlightenment, which he has had remarkable success introducing to a large spectrum of lay practitioners.

A "new technique."

I know there are people who may be drawn to such possibilities or statements, but I guess it shows how far out of the loop I am when I read such descriptions and run for the mental hills.  I mean no disrespect to this teacher or any other and I do realize that advertising has its role in spiritual life, but this sort of eyewash gibberish leaves me colder and crankier than a wet cat in a snowstorm.

Any "new technique," assuming it will have a happy outcome, is going to require the same blood, sweat and tears that the 'old' techniques required back when they were in their advertising phase.

I would love to be proved wrong about improvements, but until I am, please pardon my (politely-put) skepticism.

No-sweat Buddhism inspires no-value understanding.

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