Monday, October 22, 2012

beyond tears

This morning, there were 11 emails in the inbox. I am not accustomed to so much stuff. I don't do Twitter or Facebook or other activities that might drive up the number of  'communications,' so eleven seemed like quite a lot. After sieving out the spam that had tiptoed in, there were perhaps eight left and it was to one of these that I was inclined to respond -- a note from a Zen Buddhist chum asking what I thought of something he had written.

I am not about to go into chapter and verse of the subject matter, but, I think I would like to save my response here. It may sound like gobblety-gook to others, but ... well, who knows?

My note:

My sketchy understanding of your long, devoted and determined Zen training arouses my admiration ... wish I'd done as well. :)

But now comes the question -- the plain, unsexy, straight-ahead question -- what was it all in aid of? Was it merely in order to "help others" or to claim somehow to have likewise "touched the earth?" This would be lamentable beyond tears. Seriously ... beyond tears.

Trust the training. Don't leave it lonely and forlorn along some empty highway as you make for the bright lights in the distance. Why spit on what is plainly good fortune?

Sorry if this is too airy-fairy ... it's just the best I can do before my second cup of coffee.

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