Thursday, October 18, 2012

"send all the monks away"

The clear-headedness of a Buddhist abbot whose name I can't remember (and perhaps he never existed) strikes a pleasant chord this morning:

"When I die," he said, "burn the body and send all the monks away into the countryside to make what they can of the Dharma we have studied together."

Let no one be bamboozled or hog-tied by some imagined "lineage."

Let an honest lineage shine.

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  1. A friend was good enough to correct me as follows:

    "The Zen word, 没縦跡(mosshoseki) as I understand it, It means to not attach oneself to anything, including discriminate thought of enlightenment. Jakushitsu Genko, 寂室 元光 (1290-1367), the founder of the Rinzaizen Eigen-ji sect was a monk of Mosshoseki.

    Jakushitsu's Yuikai was most impressive. "When I die, return all temple property and estates to Lord Sasaki and all my students should leave the temple immediately - to the city, to the mountain, anywhere, with my Buddhism. There is no need for a funeral service; cover my body with soil and go.""