Thursday, October 11, 2012


As a point of possible interest, I wonder: How much of anyone's daily life might be premised on the cornerstone of So-Far-And-No-Further?

Biases, facts, explanations, beliefs, meanings, conclusions, emotions, thoughts ... so far and no further.

I am, for example, Adam Fisher ... so far and no further.

The sky is blue ... so far and no further.

I love chocolate ... so far and no further.

I do/don't believe in God ... so far and no further.

My feet are cold ... so far and no further.

In order to cohere, in order to be who I say I am, in order for things to be as I say they are, in order not to fly apart like an exploding cherry bomb ... so far and no further.

It requires some effort to go So-Far-And-No-Further: When I pay a little attention, and even when I don't, life seems to snicker at my So-Far-And-No-Further's. In life, things change ... things go further without so much as a by-your-leave, so I have to hustle to keep my So-Far-And-No-Further's in synch with what is in front of my nose.

I like my name and I am accustomed to it. I do not wake up in the morning wondering whether I should be Adolf Hitler or Mother Theresa. I am Adam Fisher ... so far and no further. If I were to wonder about it all ... what kind of waste of time would that be?!

And yet ... Adam Fisher ... really? So far and no further ... really?

It's comforting and comfortable, going so far and no further. Or at least most of the time it seems that way.

And yet every once in a while, the aptly-posed suspicion may raise its head: So-Far-And-No-Further is more boring than watching paint dry.

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  1. Let's break through the absolute with a little relativity " So close YET so far"

    I don't know what's more tiring, the thought of what kind of hell I jjjust escaped from or the feeling within, that if I can't grow from this experience ( believe me, relativity has never hit so hard, a bullet wound heals within month) then the only practice left for me is in absolute thinking..