Tuesday, October 30, 2012

looking for the naked women

The American radio raconteur Garrison Keillor once observed that the only reason men go to art museums is "to see naked women."

Whether or not anyone agrees with this wry assessment of male aesthetics, still, it is an assessment that can arouse a smiling agreement in principle: How often does anyone, male or female, do one thing in hopes of accomplishing something else? It seems to be human nature.

The woman applies perfume or the man applies after-shave lotion because ...
The well-heeled businessman buys an expensive car because ...
The spiritual aspirant performs his or her rituals because ...

The list of examples can be spun out endlessly.

There is nothing inherently naughty or bad about it, but it does raise the question of what things might be like without some secondary or secret agenda.

What would it be like to go to an art museum, period?

What would it be like to perform a spiritual exercise without secretly or not so secretly longing to see naked women?