Thursday, October 18, 2012

cheerleaders and perversion files

-- In Texas, as where else, a judge is expected to rule today in the case of some cheerleaders who appended God-centric banners to their cheerleading repertoire.

"If God is for us, who can be against us," read one such enigmatic banner.

Somehow that brought to mind, "If God is my copilot, where the hell is the plane?"

The arguments in the case are predictable: Separation of church and state vs. freedom of expression.

One thing's for sure: I wouldn't want to be the judge in the case and I certainly wouldn't want to freely express my thoughts in Texas, a state where armed citizens are common.

PS. The cheerleaders won the first round.

 -- And in Portland, Oregon, the Boy Scouts of America are poised to release the "perversion files" listing those suspected of child abuse within the red-white-and-blue organization.

It took two years of court wrangling to pry loose the data.

The Roman Catholic Church has been around a lot longer, so it's no wonder that their files are still largely under wraps.

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