Friday, February 16, 2018

another school shooting

Perhaps if, every time a child or teacher or other school worker were shot to death, a lottery-picked member of the U.S. Congress or executive branch were summarily executed, there would be more action on school shootings. Maybe not, but maybe so.

Seventeen people were shot to death by the latest gun-toting loon in Florida Wednesday. Others were wounded.

Everyone cares, but the fact is, no one gives a shit.

So, shoot a politician or political professional....

And revise the American outlook: America executes its children and those who look after them. Political cowardice is well-documented, so let's stop pretending ... we kill kids because politicians need money to get re-elected. It is easier to digest once the word is spoken aloud ... just once ... cowardice.

Who might carry out such executions -- they ought to come as a surprise, don't you think? -- is pretty much a no-brainer: The U.S. has JSOC and if they're too busy, Israel's Mossad seems to have the requisite sang froid.

If anyone uses the word "barbaric" to describe such a solution, how then would they describe the American penchant for executing those attending schools?


  1. When I was a kid we used our fists. There were guns available, but killing didn't occur to us. A fight settled the relationship between contestants. Killing a contestant would be cowardly. Living with a contestant took courage.

  2. What a heartbreaking fiasco!

    How does a young man become so enraged?
    What of his treatment?

    Students and teachers knew something of the problems but no one in authority did anything that was effective in dealing with his emotional disease. Instead the school expelled this highly troubled kid with no follow up.

    The FBI was warned but didn’t follow up.

    The gun manufactures and NRA and their lobbists and the paid for politicians refuse to be reasonable. They prevented the follow up,

    We need to take to task a great many people - representatives from the administration of the foster care program, school sdministrators (whomever signed off on the boy’s expulsion without intensive follow up), the chancellor of the school system, the lacking security system that allow the shooter into the building. the gun manufacturers, the NRA, and the governor of Florida, Florida state legislators, the mayor of the city, the city council, all the pro-gun Federal representatives up to and including the president, and a whole lot of our fellow Americans.

    Sadly we are at a time in our country’s history when even solvable problems can’t be solved. Our so-called representative can’t even agree what the problems are.