Thursday, February 1, 2018

"Fat Leonard" and a hell of a news story

Leonard Glenn Francis
Just finished reading all of a longish Washington Post story about a fellow known as "Fat Leonard" who wined and dined Navy brass in an effort to steer business to his businesses in the Pacific. The "worst corruption in Naval history."

Well-written by Craig Whitlock. Clear. Decent in its depiction of indecency. Made imperial Roman get-togethers seem like also-rans ... hookers, cigars, bribes, "the best"  ... wowsers. Over 500 people under the legal microscope. It took me back to a time when newspapers dug in and dug down. Hot damn! News!

1 comment:

  1. Damn! The good times rolled and then came to an end.

    There’s just so much money involved that something like just this seems inevitable.

    Gives credence to the military corruption spoofs “Sargent Bilko” (AKA “You'll Never Get Rich” and “The Phil Silvers Show”, and “McHale’s Navy” of some years ago (the TV shows and the Movie remakes / spinoffs in the 90’s.
    But those were petty black market schemes.

    I wonder if “War Dogs’” Jonah Hill will be cast as “Fat Leonard” when they get around to turning this tragedy into a movie.

    I wonder who play Trump in the eventual movie about the current administration’s incompetence and corruption?