Friday, February 16, 2018

keep your word

When it comes to bedrock crabbiness -- that aspect about which I believe everyone has one or more examples -- one of mine is this:

Keep your word. If you give your word (your promise), then keep your word...

OR admit with full-frontal responsibility that you did not keep it.

It's as close as anyone can come to a clean getaway.

My pissed-off-as-a-wet-cat syndrome comes calling again and again when I run into or hear about some dipwad who, as a means of thinking well of him- or her-self, promises to do something and then neither does it nor admits to having failed to do it.

You'd think I might get over this.

I haven't.

It's still like fingernails on a blackboard.

No doubt I too have failed ....

I DON'T CARE: it still pisses me off.


  1. A promise of action is a delay of action. A delay is suspicious of purpose.

  2. One of the Arts of Polititics is saying nothing in such a way that the audience thinks that it means what they want.

    One needs to listen intently to hear the real meaning.

    In this respect Obama was far, far more disappointing that Trump.

    1. Adding on ....

      To be fair, promises in the political realm often go unfulfilled not by lack of intent and effort but lack of consensus and / or power.