Wednesday, September 22, 2010

feeling lucky

Reading over this historical timeline for the growth of Zen Buddhism in America, I find no references whatsoever to my teacher, Kyudo Nakagawa Roshi.

It makes me feel extremely lucky.


  1. Thank God. No. Thank Genkaku.


  2. Still Nakagawa Kyudo should be mentioned if briefly.

    How much time did Kyudo spend in America and in New York City?
    He relocated to New York late 1981 / early 1982.
    He returned to Japan to head up Ryutaku-ji in 1984.
    So his time in America was about two and a half years.
    Some students kept Soho Zendo open until his passing in 2007.
    He visited from time to time. Any idea when his last visit to America was?