Saturday, September 25, 2010


Will someone explain to me precisely why things have to have a meaning?

I'm not being flip or annihilationist.

But what's the matter with things as they are? Are they too scary? Are they too confusing? Are they too threatening?

When I whined to the doctor yesterday that I was feeling somehow overlooked in the process of trying to find a remedy for my ailments, he finally said what no diagnostician had said before -- that the relative importance of my specific ailment was not a high priority among those who had similar ailments. From the point of view of medical triage, I was not important enough for attention.

Naturally, I wanted to get fixed NOW. But the doctor's honesty was somehow more reassuring than all the polite verbal dancing that had preceded it in other doctors' offices. No more bullshit -- wait your turn.

I guess in one sense, that had some meaning.

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  1. Falling leaves don't seem to require anything, much less meaning. But the big brain, in order to demonstrate it's necessity and importance does like to be admired for it's ability to catalog and define. Like a toddler showing off what's been learned, "look at me, look at me".

    What isn't known, we call mystery, and the big brain abhors not being on top of things. Doctors are up against more mystery than their big brains will willingly admit. How leaves fall, how bodies fail, spectacularly individual...

    You can still a toddler for a moment with "wait and see". But it will need reminded in a moment, and again, with "keep watching". Quite a show for the price of admission.