Friday, September 24, 2010

small wind

A small wind billowed up onto the porch this morning and twined around my legs like some fluffy, friendly cat. It was good to have a credible friend, someone with news to impart ... and not just regurgitated news, but fresh-scrubbed news.

It was like talking to a (wo)man who kept you spellbound with his/her understanding of some topic you never considered ... salamanders, perhaps, or bottle tops or the seriousness of some hidden tribe or the colors that cannot be seen. Something fresh.

Funny how the term "brand new" invariably refers to the one uttering it and not so much to the event or item considered. Lately, I have been visiting doctors. It is a profession I admire and yet the promises of the profession and the delivery are sometimes disappointing ... and there are excuses and reasons why the promise in my mind cannot or will not be fulfilled. It's all stale news on the human front, but because it concerns my own welfare, the disappointment is brand new ... not.

The small wind billowing up onto the porch makes no promises ... and then keeps them. It is nice to have such a friend.

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