Monday, September 20, 2010

giggling seriousness

For those inclined towards spiritual life in some serious way,I wonder where all that energy, all that accumulated, furrow-browed 'truth,' goes when death claims the scene.

Where does death go, for that matter?

There is a lot of red-hot seriousness that people can bring to any beloved topic. Does death, on arrival, tickle their ribs and enforce a world of giggles?

I just wonder.


  1. I do not wonder what it means; there is no death or life, only laughter.

  2. How should I know? I'm not dead..yet.

  3. and i love serious people who makes me giggle about death.

    come fault me.


  4. If I were to just mimick / manifest myself as Genkaku for a moment: "Death to biscuits!"

    munch munch munch.

  5. Doncha jes hate it when somebody gives ya an answer like Mustafa's, or kids you like Abu?

    Do the Mustafas be knowin' somethin or they bes yankin our chains?

    Here's a little somethin somethin to whet yer appetite:

    Wiki After Life

    Search for Life After Death Info

    After that Google on, bro!

    Now, if ya prefer pay to play, we have

    Amazon's collection on Life After Death

    Here's a book you probably would take out of the local library if only they carried it The Zen of Living And Dying

    Besides your local pyschic-mediums whose mileage may vary if he/she gets any at all, you can always visit a spiritualist community like the Lily Dale Assembly. But then their mileage varies as well.

    Peace out!!

  6. within 2 minutes, two writers gave birth to new comments, and tonnes more killed their browsers.