Monday, September 27, 2010

this is it

Sitting on the porch listening to the rain slap the next-door maple's leaves, it occurred to me that too much brevity might not work very well, even if it worked perfectly -- perfectly! -- well.

The brevity that crossed my mind -- the one-liner that simply said it all -- was this:

This is it.

No discussion, no improvement, no holy-roller adjectives or adverbs, no snarling certainties or uncertainties, no deeeeeep Buddhist meaning. Just easy-peasy and complete. Past, present and future go begging and yet prove the point:

This ... is ... it.


  1. I'm collecting acorns.

  2. Some ways back the this is it thread I played a game with my little girl. We called it,

    "Catch me if you can!"

  3. These acorns are amazing! Am out in the garage workin' on a hut for a generator, by myself, quietly, then "pop!" an acorn falls to the ground or hits...! The phone!


  4. Who's noticing "this is it?" Probably a fair indicator is the dialouge that goes on between our ears. When this language producing habit we have is still, unmoving, producing no language or thought, then what is there to notice? Does this mean that life as we know it has disappeared? That there is no change, or interaction with the world as it moves around us? No, it just that the inside IS the outside. Nothing gets inbetween the actual activity of the world or our selves.
    It is mainly the social mores that keep us stirred up inside. Wondering if the way we act is producing good or bad karma. The way other people react to us gives us pause to adjust our keeps us in a state of constant questioning. I wonder if we could go a whole day without noticing, or taking mental notes of the phenomena that is all around us.?
    That would be much to dull for most of us. :)

  5. Today I had a conversation with my Human Resource and told them that the company doctor said I was insane. Then my human resource girl replied me that this doctor will say that everybody is insane.

    I thought, this is it. Everybody is insane, and everything was alright.

    Then my boss remarked that the doctor was insane because he wanted to earn more money, while we as his staff were not, because we were still bringing in money for my boss.

    He suggested that the company should have sacked this doctor a long time ago.

    The brevity in my head was something I read on this drops before: raindrops don't insult the intelligence. ...