Thursday, September 2, 2010


My older son has been in college a little over a week and already he and some buddies are planning to buy a shark which he describes as "a vegetarian, for safety purposes."

I wrote back asking him not to tickle its chin or flush it down the toilet when he gets tired of it.

A shark ... the mind boggles.

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  1. do not understand why i am posting this, perhaps a coincidence, but over lunch yesterday a colleague who was a catholic told me that he wanted to become a vegan. i asked him why, he said he's been eating vegetables for a long time and he thought he should become vegan.

    but he asked me that what did i think. he likes fish, and he needs fish for supplements, and he wondered if I knew of any vegans out there that ate fish.

    I asked him if, as a Catholic, he practised a tradition which some Catholics do, to enjoy white meat like fish and chicken on Friday, but abstain from red meat like beef on that day. He said he did practise such a practice, but I wasn't able to find out from him where did this practice come from.

    Knowing that in Buddhism, some lay-people abstain from beef too in Asia, but eat all other sorts of meat, and in Islam where Muslims simply don't eat pork, there is a reason why I prefer to have a teacher whom I keep at a distance, barely familiar, barely understood, and whom i can describe as "a teacher, for noble purposes".

    The mind boggles.