Wednesday, September 29, 2010

free incense

Digging channels on either side of the concrete driveway -- channels to siphon off some of the water from the upcoming season -- there was a lot of free incense in the air.

The earth came up moist and rich and pungent even as the autumn leaves filled the air as if they were roses. Worms still squiggled in the dirt as I dug along and I wondered if, like the squirrels, they had a safe place when times get harder and colder.

No matter, this zendo today is full of incense I didn't have to send away for.


  1. I got a noz code, 1, 2, fwee 4, dat can't be sode, dis noz zed door, dis sniffle drips through kleenex road, out came a fish from shore to snore.

  2. Honor to this Woodsman.

    To send away for, what is this?
    The zendo's where you go to piss.

    Ahhhhhhh.... Then

    worried 'bout the cold and worms?

    They burrow down until its warmmm.