Saturday, September 8, 2012

"A Modern Monk's Tale"

Words stick in my throat when I try to describe the power I found in "A Modern Monk's Tale" by John Cavanagh (August 12, 1939 - September 9, 2012 ), a former Trappist monk who tried, like so many before and after him, to bring clerical misdeeds to his superiors' attention ... and, like so many before and after him, was told to keep his mouth shut.

Cavanagh 1964
First of all, it's well written. Second it tells the tale of a person who arose from the well-heeled realms of Roman Catholicism. Rich was holy. Holy was rich. Third, there is little or no soap box in it -- no wails or whines of despair ... just the story. It's about 20 pages long.

It twinkles in my mind like a diamond, facet after facet catching the light of what it is to exist in a realm of power run amok. "A Modern Monk's Tale" happens to be about Roman Catholicism.

It might as easily be about why Occupy Wall Street brought so many to their feet.

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  1. I almost want to cry..I am reminded me of my own extreme naivety and the sadnesses of this world. Thanks for posting this, and spreading awareness of these issues.