Saturday, September 22, 2012


Sporting their intransigent virtues, congressmen who have accomplished squat left Washington yesterday and headed home to tell voters why they should be re-elected to return to Washington and accomplish more squat.

President Barack Obama too is out of Washington and on the campaign trail.

A time for politicking.

Imagine that ... paying someone to posture and pose while unemployment hovers around eight percent, two military adventures suck at the treasury, financial reform that might stave off another dip into crisis goes untended, drought gnaws at the country's bread basket, education increasingly means trade-school training, and a disparity in wealth whittles away whatever "equality" might once have meant and creates a realm in which snickering and anguish are barely concealed.

Maybe the United States should just get it over with and acclaim Karl Rove as emperor. Dictatorships are popular in third-world countries. Rove certainly seems to think he deserves it and, what the hell, no one else seems to accomplish much ... why not just call a spade a spade and then arm ourselves for the revolution?


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