Saturday, September 22, 2012

"lynching" ... where the people rule

Is this a story about justice or is it a story about vigilante justice? Is it crazy or is it palpably sane?

A man said by his mother to have drug and mental problems was beaten and burned to death in Tactic, Guatamala, after he killed two school children with a machete. A lynching of sorts. A decision reached by towns people. In Mayan towns, the people rule.

The killer did not escape. Four men accused of being accomplices were later said to be thieves ... and were badly beaten but were spared the gasoline that some called for in their cases.

The blog post by Reuters photographer Jorge Dan Lopez is not a perfect news story. It leaves questions unanswered. And yet its very imperfection lends credibility and human reality to the reporting ... or at least in my mind.

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  1. How sad that it is already 2012 and there are still countrys in the world where mental illness is not recognised or treated
    ( including the usa and Canada ). He was obviously mentaly ill . We really need to start fighting to get better care and treatment for the mentaly ill among us . Anita