Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sept 11 ... again

It's that day again, Sept. 11, the day when, in 2001, 'terrorists' created a hallmark tragedy in the United States. Since that date, the word "terror" and "terrorist" has slipped into the lingua franca of a hundred nations and made fear that much easier for those who know the political capital that fear can provide.

Of the particular horrific events in the United States ... well, I am not a conspiracy nut but I am a fan of thinking things through, even the most cherished beliefs. And the starting point for remembering 9/11 in the United States begins for me with a quietly-presented documentary whose first part (of three) is all I can find at the moment.

It's all sad. Very sad. But the parameters of that sadness are not as easy as waving the flag or lowering it to half-staff.

Or not for me, anyway.

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