Thursday, September 13, 2012

making life easier

As a starting point, I think there is nothing better than finding the honest places in your life. Just the little hints and whispers of honesty that no one can escape.

A sneeze is honest.
A belly laugh is honest.
And hearing a piece of favorite music is honest.

Good starting points in a life that may sense its own dishonesties.

What makes such things honest? My guess is that they are honest because you get out of the way or are gotten out of the way, somehow. In one small moment ... poof! ... the sneeze or belly laugh or beautiful music eradicates everything that went before. Belief, love, hope, wisdom ... GONZO! And it is a wonderful lightening of the load. Such a simple thing, getting out of the way, when anyone gets out of the way or disappears or whatever it is.

Starting with such small matters, the capacity to extend this honesty grows.

Suddenly, dishonesty is not so attractive any more. Control and meaning and belief and hope -- sure, they're possible, but honesty is so much easier: Just get out of the way and there you are ... so to speak.

I am not, therefore I am.

Or vice-versa.

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