Wednesday, September 19, 2012

wish I'd said that

Spent a couple of hours this morning recording "A Modern Monk's Tale" by John Cavanagh. With any luck and a lot of help, I hope to get the voice version, together with the pictures that accompany Cavanagh's essay, on YouTube ... assuming there is a way to get YouTube to accept 40 minutes' worth of reading. The essay is Cavanagh's adventures as a former Trappist monk who attempted to bring abuses to the attention of his superiors and then was forced out of the Order ... and abandon the church.

One line of the essay, which will now more than likely fade into a forgotten past in my life, banged my chimes especially hard ... and made me wish I had said it or thought of it or been in a position to utter it:

I haven't found it necessary to reach for the solace of either a drink or a theological concept for well over 23 years.
Wish I'd said that.

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