Tuesday, April 14, 2015

armadillo, mother-in-law shot

It was probably too much fun to pass up, but still, doesn't journalism have a responsibility to tell a well-researched story. I like the fun of what follows, but doubt that it's anything like the whole story:

LEESBURG, Ga. (AP) — Authorities say a south Georgia man shot an armadillo, but ended up accidentally wounding his mother-in-law when the bullet ricocheted off the mammal known for its hard shell.
Lee County Sheriff's deputies tell WALB-TV (http://bit.ly/1FCGUBO) that 54-year-old Larry McElroy fired his 9 mm pistol at the armadillo Sunday night.
Deputies say the bullet killed the armadillo, but bounced off the animal, hit a fence, traveled through the back door of the mother-in-law's mobile home and the recliner in which she was sitting, striking her in the back.
McElroy's 74-year-old mother-in-law, Carol Johnson, suffered injuries described as non-life-threatening. Lee County sheriff's investigator Bill Smith said she was walking around and talking afterward.
Lee County Sherriff's deputies say McElroy was about 100 yards away from the home when he shot the armadillo.

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  1. Ricocheted off the shell but killed it? Blunt force trauma? Then traveled 100 yards, through a door and a chair, this being the most commonly used round by our police departments. That's kinda scary. I remember dirty Harry saying he used a .44 because he'd seen .38's (very close to a 9mm) skip off of windshields.