Friday, April 10, 2015

the other side of the earth

On the other side of the earth, meanwhile ....

But the earth is round and by definition has no 'sides.'

How many things -- perhaps all things -- are just like that?

Sides create what is in-between.

But in-between doesn't pan out. It is fool's gold, isn't it?

I suppose all this could be serious as a porcupine quill.

On the other hand -- on the other side of the earth -- perhaps it is as jolly and loving as a mother tickling her toddler child.

Bristling with laughter.

At the turn of the 20th century there was an expression to describe a (wo)man who lived directly. I heard my father use it from time to time: "(S)he has no side" or "there is no side to him/her."

I guess the expression is lost, but the capacity remains the same.

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  1. The apparent dual nature of the universe requires a point of perception, and a self to claim that perception. Ol'buddha man suggested we lose that. I haven't heard it used in forever, but having a side meant not taking risks, no schemes on the side, a conformist, a careful self. Better than a reckless self, but still a self. Thus spake my self.