Tuesday, April 21, 2015

political legerdemain

You knew it was coming, somehow, but the closer it gets, the more the American electorate can know it is getting screwed ... again.

It's only in the 'planning' stages (read, trial balloon ... can we get away with this one?) but potential presidential candidate Jeb Bush has let it be known that any campaign might delegate much of the responsibility for that campaign to a political action committee that can raise unlimited campaign funds.

Ever since George W. Bush was bought and paid for, the writing was on the wall: Since the political action committees have the dough, it makes sense to let them run the show and keep the candidate as an afterthought ... a bit of afterbirth.

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Jeb Bush is preparing to embark on an experiment in presidential politics: delegating many of the nuts-and-bolts tasks of seeking the White House to a separate political organization that can raise unlimited amounts of campaign cash.
The concept, in development for months as the former Florida governor has raised tens of millions of dollars for his Right to Rise super PAC, would endow that organization not just with advertising on Bush's behalf, but with many of the duties typically conducted by a campaign.
And it's not as if the Democrats won't adopt the tactic if Bush gets away with it and the strategy proves effective. All these guys love their country and can prove it with an American flag lapel pin ... and a never-quite-full-enough wallet.

The money is too alluring for those who can't imagine doing something without paying for it ... the true mark of the bourgeois mind.

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  1. It's a scam to raise unlimited money. When Stephen Colbert ran for president John Stewart ran his SuperPAC: