Saturday, April 4, 2015

volume control

Passed along in email:
A fundraiser for the owners of an Indiana pizzeria that became the target of widespread animosity after they said they wouldn't cater a same-sex wedding reception has collected more than $828,000 from anonymous donors.
A GoFundMe page started by a producer from The Blaze, a conservative news network founded by Glenn Beck, has drawn more than 28,500 donors.
These days, it sometimes seems, everyone is touchy as a wet cat and the result is so much animosity, little and large, that the constructive common good goes begging.

In Congress, members are busy verbally dissing a far-from-complete nuclear-arms accord in Iran. I was under the impression that Iran's practical capacities to create a nuclear bomb were at least a decade away even if they did find some way to deliver it... but everyone is seriously concerned. Why aren't they concerned about Israel or Pakistan or ... whomever?
In Australia, there are clashes as some protesters assert Islam is not a religion because of its links to Islamic State extremism. Islam, for Christ's sake! -- the religion whose bomb zone encompassed many of the most compelling discoveries in western knowledge ... the cradle of (western) civilization before Greece even got out of diapers.

And then there are the pizza parlors/gay pride to consider and wax outraged about.

I'd step back, play the age card and say, "let's you and him fight," but the volume is so loud I really want to call the cops (did I really just write that?) as on some passing Saturday night when neighborhood teenagers insist I hear their music from five houses away.

Isn't it time to let the moms of this world administer a couple of tablespoons of shut-the-fuck-up?

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  1. Ignorance at work? Busily? Always? Soooo unsatisfactory this being alive stuff. I will walk to the barn, surrounded by dogs and puppies to feed the stock in a bit. The bull was out again, went back in without difficulty. He's such a sucker for cattle cubes. I have my life, they have theirs. And in the transgender chat room we sometimes get someone who will visit to inform us all that "ALL FAGS GO TO HELL", but interestingly they'll usually spend enough time in the cybersex room to get off first. I ban them, the regulars are grateful, and i know they wont be back right away, not until their sexual gratification outweighs their religious guilt. I imagine they have unaddressed gender issues that their beliefs disallow. Just another day in samsara.