Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Georgia sentences school officials

Nine school officials in Atlanta, Georgia, have been sentenced to prison following convictions for participating in an exam cheating scandal.
Judge Jerry Baxter called the case "the sickest thing that's ever happened in this town".
Three of those convicted received 20-year sentences, far harsher than the penalties asked for by the state.
Evidence of cheating was uncovered at 44 schools with nearly 180 officials involved.
Twenty-year sentences for teachers/administrators who, like teachers/administrators right across the country, are under the federal gun to improve academic achievement without, largely, concomitant funding or administrative support. Like My Lai or Abu Ghraib, the front line drones take the heat and the shapers of policy remain shielded and blameless and unpunished. And let's not mention the bankers and stock brokers.

At least Islamic State has the good (if twisted) grace to blame their depredations on the Quran.

Talk about "sick!" 

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  1. I was told you can't stop progress. And i wondered if anyone had tried. But our lives are in the hands of the mysterious and unknowable "free marketplace". So we bow to our masters, at least when they're looking. And when they look away, we try to steal a morsel from their plate.