Monday, April 6, 2015

spare time

The comparison won't shut its yap this morning, so here it is:

Maybe anyone's personal spiritual persuasion and practice is like having a favorite -- sometimes a red-hot favorit -- sports team: There are the victories and defeats, the tears of joy and tears of sorrow, the anger and love, the foul balls and home runs, the scandals and bright lights, the perfections and mistakes ... and the uniforms ... let's not forget the uniforms.

Barrooms are awash in booze and sports chatter and several other enthusiasms. It's fun and creates camaraderie, even if there are occasional fist fights.

Sure, you take it seriously, but at some point you need to stop dallying and go to work. Leave the games to others. Come back when you can spare the time.

But it is a chosen spare-time agenda.

1 comment:

  1. If i'm an athletic team on a spiritual playing field... where are my car dealership investors and i want my goddamned cheerleaders in their skimpy outfits out front where i can enjoy 'em.