Thursday, December 15, 2016

another day

A snippy-snappy day in which newscasters, who no longer have budgets that would allow for news casting, are predicting increasing cold, petty crime and bureaucratic plans for which the money has yet to be ponied up.

How I wish someone would take these broadcasters into some back room and lay a belt against their back sides:  There is no knowing the future and talking about it as if it could be known is an abdication of responsibility. How I wish someone would simply draw the line and say, "yes, human beings are important and their doings deserve investigation that is factual and thoughtful. It will never be complete, but that incompleteness is an aspect for which decent newscasters assume responsibility."

"I choose THIS story ... not THAT one. I may be wrong. Being wrong is not so bad." Running away into a future that cannot be known is chickenshit.

But of course they are well-dressed, talk loud, have unimaginative vocabularies, and display flashy tits.

It's the money, honey.

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  1. May they be well, happy, safe, and peaceful.
    May they be free from suffering and the causes of it. May they find happiness and the causes of it. May they never be separated from sorrowless bliss. May they abide in equanimity, freedom from bias, and freedom from affliction. May they be well, happy, safe, and peaceful.