Friday, December 9, 2016

city of love, city of rats

Ah, la citéde l'amourappears to have suffered a couple of setbacks  

1.'When Parisians are literally tripping over rats on the sidewalk, it is clear that the City of Light has a problem." and 

2. "With more and more asthmatic children needing hospital treatment in Paris amid an exceptional bout of pollution, France's government is putting medics on alert and warning residents to limit outdoor activity over the weekend."

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  1. There is a terrorist blast in Istanbul today it seems, but last evening during a Facebook discussion with Prince Zeid of United Nations Human Rights it never seemed near. Everybody was whining in the hour or so. Gambia was there, they had some concerns over their government. UK was there, they wanted human rights. Australia and USA were there, they wanted better rights. The Pakistanis were angry with the Indians over Kashmir, the Indians were there too but they were angry with the Chinese over their borders too. The Burmese opponents spoke the loudest, because the Bangladeshis and Malaysians were concerned over the Rohingyas. The crowd was not decided over Syria. Some sympathised with Russia, some with the allies, some simply wanted to get ISIL out of the way. The Brazilians wanted to save their impeached President, the South Koreans kept silent, there were no Russians, Cubans, Poles or Japanese online last evening either, apparently.