Saturday, December 31, 2016

retrurn from the hospital

On Dec. 19, 2016, I checked into the local hospital sporting flu and heart problems and just today was released from a  durance vile. There were hallucinations that included zillions of pencil-prick ants; there were colors that bore in on eachoher like yellow and white water colors .... there was sfuff and uncomfortable beds passing for ever-so- expedient ... ... everyone seemed to want to make me feel better. I missed the ones I actually believed

Back home now. Tired, frazzled.. My wife and sons bore the brunt.  Dying didn't much matter ... or it didn't seem to. And night of sane sleep wouldn't hurt.


  1. Missing the ones we actually believe, such a hard feeling to endure. Welcome home, Adam. Glad they are closer now and that you're better and glad to see good olcharlie still close and wishing you well, after all these years. What a faithful friend you've got. Wish you rest, just rest, and that you dream yourself a nice pair of wings to keep a safe distance from whatever pencil-pricking ants that may show up.

  2. Welcome home, Adam. You were missed.