Monday, December 12, 2016

snow day

First demonstrable snow of the season -- five or six inches -- and I wonder if elephants wish they could walk as silently as snow flakes. I have always wanted to be able to walk like an elephant, so perhaps the thought is not that weird.

The boys are out arguing with the snowblower -- a crafty and luxurious machine that is a bit logy after a season out of commission. So far, the machine seems to be getting the better of the argument.

The air is raw and, in writing this entry, I am sidestepping a column I would like to write, but for the moment seems too ephemeral to get my hands on. The impelling line is "some things are more important than equality. Love and friendship are two of them." I have the incident in mind -- the one on which I would like to make the case -- but its impact in my gut is hard to transfer to the page. So I waffle between the impact within and the mediocrity of delivery it might induce or ... shall I just pick an easier topic?

If I whine long enough, maybe the Column Fairy will descend and wave her twinkling wand.


  1. I don't think love and friendship are measurable. Feelings can't be compared between people as the others experience is unknowable. A doctor once asked me to describe my pain between one and ten. I said twenty seven. Dumb sumbitch!

  2. Better your own truth, however weak, than the truth of another, however noble, says the Buddha.