Saturday, December 10, 2016

cell-phone revenge fantasy

Passed along in email:

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  1. If there is this guy that eats a fish and he chokes on a fish bone and dies, it is between this guy and the fish. Yet, if the guy wants to blame the fish for his death, the reason why he chokes on a fish bone and dies is because his parents gave birth to him from a womb and genitals. So, when somebody is born that way, that is with a body feeble and susceptible to deaths including being choked by a fish bone, again the fish is born that way i.e. with bones. Will you or we blame a fish for being born as a fish with a bone that is capable of choking a guy when he swallows the bone?

    In Buddhism we call this 'suchness', beings are also being born as such. There is nothing really right about it, there is also nothing really wrong about it.