Monday, February 25, 2019

[fill-in-the-blank] ONLY I

 A mural in Jinwar. The female-only commune in north-eastern Syria opened in November and is home to Kurdish, Yazidi and Arab families. Photograph: Bethan McKernan/The Guardia"
 Does anyone else out there find their been around-the-block-teeth itching at the mention of one-pointed organizations?
 Does anyone else get a case of itchy teeth when someone posits a [fill-in-the-blank]-only way of seeing or building anything? Isn't whatever it is -- women-only, men-only, peace-lovers-only, greed-merchants-only, children-only, Christians/Jews/Muslims/Buddhists/Hindus-only ... pick-your-only ... isn't that which proclaims its only-ness doomed to dissipate from the get-go? And I mean anything?

All the reaoning and excuses in the world can't right this ship. I might love the idea of a women-only commune, but I'm sorry, it won't wash and it won't wear. I love the effort, but I cannot and will not pretend that the future is any different from the myriad futures that preceded it.

Think "only"....
Now think "human being"....
Now get real.


  1. You might be a canary in the tunnel, and I respect that but I’m more concerned when a group forms around a single person, than when women supporting each other form a mixed ad hoc group.

    “Jinwar is a female-only community, set up by the women of the local Kurdish-run administration to create a space where women can live ‘free of the constraints of the oppressive power structures of patriarchy and capitalism’”

  2. The very next generation will rebel against whatever paradise you've created. Impermanence is assured.

  3. Just because I am indispensible in this universe doesn't mean the universe needs my help.