Sunday, July 19, 2020

1919 photo -- epidemic masks

That was then.

This is not yet then.



    Different approaches were used:

    “ In October 1918, the Seattle Daily Times carried the headline ‘Influenza Veils Set New Fashion: Seattle Women Wearing Fine Mesh With Chiffon Border to Ward Off Malady.’” Turned out that the lovely lace mesh wasn't vey effective.

    Understandably, they used fines and jail time.

    Of course this happened:
    “In one horrific incident in San Francisco, a special officer for the board of health shot a man who refused to wear a mask as well as two bystanders.”

    Bottom Line:
    "What is clear is that communities that implemented stronger health measures overall fared better than those that didn’t."

    The article links to other interesting things about the Spanish Flu Pandemic on

  2. "The Influenza Masks of 1918
    A collection of images from a century ago of people doing their best to keep others and themselves safe, during a global health crisis"