Tuesday, July 14, 2020

covid19 sillies



  1. If you don't like Facebook, what is the point of mass emailing this post?

    1. Craig,

      There are those of us who assiduously avoid “social media” sites like Facebook.

      Curriculating silly pictures and other forms of humor as well as other things of interest predates Facebook by years, virtually since the beginning of the Internet. Initially Facebook facilitated such sharing but Facebook’s corrupt capitalistic agenda began (and continues) to make it extremely toxic.

      A friend / acquaintance / coworker emailing or blog or forum posting items or views is one thing. Visiting Facebook to see those items or opinions opens one up to all sorts of consequences unintended by the poster but very bad for all concerned.

      Try googling “problems with Facebook” and “reasons to avoid Facebook.”

    2. Andy Natural (is that the intent of the last nam?),
      Thanks for pointing out the bleeding obvious.

  2. Can only see one picture. The one with the missing subatomic particle, moron.

  3. Sorry for the typo. Name not nam. Shizen as in 自然?