Saturday, July 18, 2020

funeral home

My Zen friend Dave ordered yesterday, "now don't you die before me.." When I said I was ten years older than he, he refused to relent: I still had to leave last. Oh well, bound te be a disappointment to someone.

Yesterday, Elizabeth and Olivia, my wife and daughter respectively, went to the funeral home to work out the details of coping with 1. this dead body when it arrives; 2. and Elizabeth's, when it arrives. It's nice to think that as many wrinkles as possible would be ironed out in advance. Somebody's got to pick up the body. Somebody's got to burn it. Somebody's (possibly) got to spread the ashes ... mine, with luck, at Angel Falls in Ashfield ... north of here. I didn't pick it for the name, but rather because it's a beautiful, running-water place.

OK ... one more thing out of the way.

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