Saturday, July 18, 2020

keep it simple

Sent this email to my friend Frank LoCicero a couple of days ago:

Don't you wish someone would come along with a wet cloth -- as once at the end of a grade school day in the class room -- and erase everything written so far ... and replace it with?

1. Everyone has to wear a mask. Period. 
2. Schools will not open this year. Period. 
3. Harried and cash-strapped parents will be subsidized. 
4. Lying will be tagged as such. 
[No more lollygagging. No more knicker-twisting. No more playing the liberal version of Donald Trump, pretending either that it doesn't exist or that analysis would make things better.]
I, like a lot of others, I suspect, am exhausted by all the analysis and reporting and drum-beating and squishy shit ... quit fucking around. Just do it. There's probably a lot more to be said, but this'll do for a start. Stop dithering. It solves nothing to suggest a solution is anywhere in the offing.

Wear a mask.
Don't open schools this year.
Finance those who are up against the financial wall ... just do it.

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