Sunday, July 12, 2020

in memoriam newspapering

Ever since my squeezed-out-retirement several years back, I have wondered idly how I might make an article of some sort out of those years of journalistic/newspaper experience. I never could seem to get a hook or a handle on it.

Well now, I don't need to wonder and fiddly-fuck around any more.

My friend Dave passed along a New York Times article that does all the work and then some. No need for me to put my oar in the water. Just a very damned good article (minimal 'democracy' prating and whinging): I feel that I can rest easy even if the article did appear in what I consider the general arrogance-maw of the New York Times:


Muzzle to butt plate, in the words of the old movie "Babe," the article sums things up:

"That'll do, pig."

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  1. I wonder if there is a Master Class on local journalism.