Tuesday, June 9, 2015

equilibrium deficit

Every now and then, there is an equilibrium deficit that asserts itself -- a moment or set of moments when all the good intentions and control valves simply won't wash and a soaring crabbiness claims the scene. Things feel raw and scratchy and there is some dormant teenager who wakes up and begins his yowling critiques with words like "people (meaning everyone except me) believe..." Or, if being accused of backsliding into a younger, hormone-rich environment is too much, there is the lacquered-academic version ... "one feels, of course...."

It's just a time when energies to find and assert a more balanced lifestyle run out of gas and ... everything seems to suck. No more Mr. Nice Guy! No more namby-pamby Middle Way!

And where there is no reining it in -- no sap-sucker TED talk or spiritual crooning that can revise this deficit -- I think the best thing to do is go with the flow for the moment....

As for example this George Carlin rant:

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  1. Alternatively, "just kill me now" comes to mind.