Monday, June 15, 2015

Islamic State, opponents take the bait

A fake battle, invented in a hail of tweets by a London man, has tricked both so-called Islamic State's supporters, and their opponents, supporters of Shia militia fighters in Iraq.
It was supposedly an intense battle involving Islamic State and Shia and Iraqi government fighters. Soon after the news broke, Twitter users that back anti-IS forces claimed a famous victory. "Big celebrations in Karbala after the freedom of Shichwa," said one. Another claimed "10,000 refugees flee Shichwa to Karbala" and rumours spread that neighbouring countries were being dragged into the fighting: "Disaster: the Saudi Army must quickly mobilize to the Iraqi border."
But the battle of Shichwa never actually happened - in fact, Shichwa isn't even a real place.


  1. Visiting the Buddhist State of Taiwan soon in August, probably the fourth time in a decade.

    Dad just got discharged from a surgery, removing his gallbladder or some gallstones. He had been a heavy drinker and probably his liver and digestive organs got affected. Glad he made it easy.

    I'm seriously very very bored with zazen and dharma practice, so bored that I feel like dating an American or British girl just for a change, and drive my Chinese-speaking mother crazy. Since I work as a computer engineer, each day that the liberal world makes more x-rated sites and contents, I can neither blame them when they are free, nor can I suggest that these kiddos like me should just sit still and meditate.

    Honest, it's crazy because each day that I turn up my browser, and now I'm of an 'adult' age since I first did meditation as an undergraduate, so the googles and bings are simply providing all kinds of pornographic material for each resume that I read. While I have little against the pussies - I rather endear an opposite gender than the recent Singaporean LBGT activists call for homosexual and lesbian rights - yet the thing is when I suffer too many AV or amateur actresses with their male actors it gets funny instead of being sad. Because my mother was once adament, that I may only marry a Singaporean or Malaysian presumably Chinese instead of a PRChina Chinese - she claims in all westminster soverignity that she is Singaporean and anybody but a 'CHINESE'. She hates the Chinese to the core, and she professed her hate in that language. -_-b

    I don't know whether will my mother live till the age of yours.

    I was quite sure though I have at least one step-mother by now, like you may have quoted, "What scares people is not what's wrong with the world, what scares people is that the world is perfectly alright" including and especially stepmothers.

    I refrained from both marriage and rejoining the army even though somebody told me that nirvana is also an imaginery place.

  2. The only good war is a fictional war.