Wednesday, June 17, 2015

racial statistics ....

... from a child's perspective:

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  1. 1 in 5 are Indians. Was going on and on weeks ago about how there are at most 300 million Americans. Well, ironically or otherwise, ever since the last couple of wars ended, my tropican island is still aligned geopolitically presumably with the Japanese that conquered us, the British that founded us, the Americans that liberated us, we seem quite indecisive about China and Vietnam. They were Cominterns like Russia possibly Vietnam and North Korea, typically in Singapore when people get indecisive about factions and sides they start calling oneself as a Buddhist, ready to vacate their homes anytime - if anybody calls himself a Hindu or Muslim or Taoist he is typically aligning himself with Delhi, Mecca, and Shanghai, yet when somebody is a Buddhist one moment he is a North Vietnamese NVA or Vietcong the next moment he can be a South Vietnamese army trooper and they almost look and sound entirely the same. Mother cows.