Wednesday, May 23, 2012

out on a limb

-- A movie-maker has made a movie that others before him longed to but did not make -- an adaptation of Jack Kerouac's "On the Road." The 1957 novel tells the anti-establishment tale of criss-crossing an America that was hip-deep in the conformities that followed naturally from the heart-break of World War II. Kerouac and his writing were part and parcel of what came to be known as "The Beat Generation," a group known for its iconoclasm. The book was turned down, if I remember correctly, by something like eleven publishers before hitting the bookshelves. "Stream of consciousness" writing found a voice. I thought (but didn't quite dare to say at the time) that it was a mediocre bit of writing ... though it did inspire me to hitchhike across the country twice. How anyone could make a successful movie of it ... I don't know.

-- A British/Swiss research team will run DNA analysis on the remains of what are alleged to be yeti bone and hair. The 'myth' of the yeti or big foot or the Sasquatch has never been satisfactorily put to bed. Is it true? Is it a mistake? Is it false? Even the researchers are getting some skeptical looks.

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