Friday, May 11, 2012

suffering fools gladly

Yesterday, I got pissed. It was nothing special, but I got my tail in a knot about the treatment of one person by another.

And as I later went over the whole situation in my mind, half-wishing that I might be more 'serene' and far-sighted and in-perspective, an observant and 'adult' mind observed, "You do not suffer fools gladly." Despite knowing "see a fool, be a fool," still, "You do not suffer fools gladly."

And it was in the face of this serene-as-butter moralist that a second tart-tongued observer made himself known:

"I've got enough trouble with my own damned fool. Why should I add you to the list?"

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  1. Yes that is very true. I am sorry, Adam & thanks for your patience