Sunday, May 6, 2012

pick an honest question

Again, before sleep last night, the thought asserted itself -- the thought that was enough of a question in my mind to represent a lifetime's worth of 'spiritual' effort ... fuck the rest of it, this would do.

Of course everyone picks their own get-real question, the question that pinpoints a real-time discomfort and leaves gurus and masters and texts and temples in the dust, the no-screwing-around question that no one can make up for them, the question that must be answered.

Anyway, here's the one I like:

All belief -- that's all, not some or a few -- relies on the past. Belief may inspire or inform the present, but it relies utterly on the past.

Belief relies on the past but the believer -- honest injun and no-doubt-about-it -- lives in the present.

There can be no honest peace without coming to terms with or ironing out the disconcerting wrinkle of this fact.

The believer whose beliefs may lead him/her into some very nourishing exercises is invariably throttled and bled dry by the beliefs that acted as such a wonderful impetus.

No one can live in the past. Just look at the people who try it.

No one can live in the present. Just look at the people who try it.

Sooooo ... ?

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