Friday, June 8, 2012

don't laugh ... the discipline

Don't laugh!

This is serious.

Don't laugh.

Are you don't-laughing?

Good ... keep it that way.

Just don't laugh and keep on don't-laughing.

And no fair cheating.

Don't even smile.

Got it?

OK ... now keep on don't-laughing and don't-smiling.

Not even a little bit.

This is serious.

This is a disciplined practice.

Don't let up. Not even for a second.

Think of something really grisly.

Something serious.

Something sad.

But whatever you do, just don't laugh.

Keep after it.

This is not for sissies.

Don't laugh.

Five minutes, ten minutes, twenty minutes ... just don't laugh and keep on don't-laughing.

You're a serious person, after all.

Nourish your seriousness.

You're important, right?

Don't laugh.

Not even for a second.

Tuck in that smile!

Button down that mind!

Zip up that smirk!

And most of all, don't laugh.

Don't laugh at all.

Keep this up for a week.

Just don't laugh for a week. No smile-breaks. No chuckle-breaks. No time for tittering.

Don't laugh and keep on don't-laughing.

At the end of the week, you may have one five minute break.

There, doesn't that feel better?

Even something worth laughing about?


  1. Gently and Respectfully, the Americans brought me Optimus Prime as a child and then now several decades later they introduced to me Genkaku.

    Smile just one smile.. another day .. like a week later when I get the five minute break.

  2. Before I believed in Gautama, Ananda and supramundane heroes, there was Optimus and Bumble Bee.