Wednesday, June 27, 2012

most and least prestigious employment

A lot of years ago, a friend told me that he had read a poll that indicated spiritual instructors stood just about dead center between prestige and ignominy in American opinions about employment. Not heroes, not villains ... just somewhere in the middle. My friend did not cite the source and I have no way of knowing whether the assessment were true, but it did make me suspect that story-telling and hope were heart-felt topics ... even if they had disastrous consequences.

The following 2009 list cites Harris Interactive poll and U.S. Department of Labor as its source for gauging American appreciations of employment.

The ten most prestigious professions are listed as:

1. Firefighter 2. Scientist 3. Teacher 4. Doctor 5. Military officer 6. Nurse 7. Police officer 8. Minister/priest/clergy 9. Farmer 10. Engineer.

The 10 least prestigious professions are listed as:

1. Athlete 2. Business executive 3. Journalist 4. Union leader 5. Stockbroker 6. Entertainer 7. Accountant 8. Banker 9. Actor 10. Real estate agent/broker.

This is the kind of Totally Useless Information one might most profitably read while sitting on the toilet. But since the 'blogosphere' is largely informed by bullshit, I thought I would include it here.

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