Monday, June 11, 2012


As a child might look up at the stars in the night sky and wonder, "what's beyond that?" so, when sniffing the edges of spiritual adventure, I was at one time tantalized by the proposition that since every effect had a cause, what was the cause that concluded all backward glances. Cause and effect ... every effect is caused by something ... but what was the cause of that cause, or that one, or that one ... what's beyond that and beyond that and beyond that?

"God" is not an answer that answers in the peace-seeking heart. It simply invites more questioning for an honest person.

Even today, I cannot get my mind or credulity around the phrase, "the edge of the universe," a phrase mathematicians and astro-physicists have found adequate reason for employing. I just don't get it, and more, I doubt that I could ever learn enough to satisfactorily credit it.

"God" or "the edge of the universe" -- which is more useful: to be tantalized or to rest on some bit of intellectual or emotional resolution? I'm not sure but I suspect that being tantalized has more usefulness.

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